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links to products we use and recommend

Food: We feed our dogs and puppies Victor Hi-Pro Plus. It is a decent quality food at an affordable price which is hard to come by!
What to look for: Meat protein as the first ingredient, low carbohydrates, high protein content(25%+).
What to avoid: Foods with meat by products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors and coloring.

Chew treats: Chew treats can be given on occasion with supervision, these are chew treats we recommend- Bully sticks, beef gullets, tracheas, pig/cow ears, antlers, cow hooves, horns.
What to look for: 1 ingredient or limited ingredients
What to avoid: Rawhide, cooked bones, greenies, milkbones, plastic bones

Training treats: Training treats should be a reward for training, not every dog is going to like the same treats, these are 2 treats we recommend- Freeze dried liver, soft duck treats

Supplements: Supplements are great to give your dog if they are having an issue or to keep them healthy. Glucosamine(for hips and joints), Salmon oil(for skin and coat), Probiotics(for digestive and immune health).

Grooming: Poodles require regular grooming, which should be done by a professional groomer. Grooming can also be done at home, brushing and bathing should also be done at home with the right tools.
Grooming supplies we recommend- Metal comb, Slicker brush, High velocity blow dryer, nail clippers, nail grinder, Shears, Clippers, Ear cleaner.
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