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What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is a co-ownership of an intact dog. A family receives a free dog while the breeder retains breeding rights on the dog. The dog will stay with the breeder to whelp/sire litters then return to their guardian home.

We want what's best for all of our breeding dogs which is why we like to use guardian homes. We do not believe in selling a retired breeding dog after it is done having puppies for us. Our guardian home program ensures that every dog in our breeding program has a loving home where they are treated as members of the family. Once a breeding dog in a guardian home retires he/she will be fixed(neutered/spayed) and live the rest of their life with their guardian family. 

Qualified guardian families get a lifelong companion at no cost in exchange for us to use them in our breeding program. As a guardian you will be responsible for caring for your dog financially(vet bills, food, grooming, training etc.) All things breeding related will be covered by us. 

  • Live in Utah(Preferably within 1 hour of Salt Lake City)

  • Own a home

  • Must have a fenced yard

  • The dog must be fed a required food chosen by us

  • Have the dog professionally groomed at least every 4-8 weeks

  • Preferably kept in a poodle trim (minimum shaved face and feet)

  • Having regular brushing, bathing and blow drying at home

  • Provide proper exercise

  • Properly train and socialize the puppy/dog

  • Keep their given name chosen by us

  • Good communication


Female guardian dogs are bred once a year, occasionally twice a year. Guardian families must contact us every time she has a heat(even when she isn't being bred). Guardian families are responsible for keeping their female away from intact males when they are in heat. She will stay with her guardian family for the majority of her pregnancy. Females will stay with us for about 6-8 weeks when whelping/raising litters. Once the pups are weaned she will return to her family. Guardian families are welcome to visit the puppies. Females will have about 3-5 litters and retire around the age of 4-5. After she is retired she will be spayed and enjoy the rest of her life with her guardian family.


Guardians for male dogs are responsible for keeping them away from intact females in heat.  Guardian families are also welcome to visit pups sired by their dog. Males retire later around the age of 5-6.  After he is retired he will be neutered and enjoy the rest of his life with his guardian family.

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